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MMC Investment B.V. focuses its business on improving the climate in the living and working environment. As manufacturer of floor heating solutions facilitates MMC Invest it’s businesses to expand through innovation. Each company focuses on a different product / market combination.

Because of this we are able to offer specific solutions for each market segment in the floor heating branch. Together with our companies we work on the future, with the idea in mind that everything can always be better, smarter and efficiently.


MG Vloerverwarming has the entire process from design to production and assembly of floor heating in its own hands. That makes us strong in projectwork.


SST Benelux has a widespread range of products and provides for every situation the most fitting solution. Whether it’s a bathroom, a veranda or large utility projects such as factories or pigsties.


Q clip provides innovative and patented solutions, for underfloor heating professionals from around the world for a better and more efficient method of working.


Es Techniek has grown to be one of the biggest providers of floor heating products in a short amount of time. With our eye on quality when it comes to products and assembly.